• Fights Disease Causing Free Radicals
  • Supports Healthy Liver Function
  • Aids Digestion

Artichoke Benefits - A Funny-Looking Vegetable with a Big Nutritional Punch

There's no denying that the artichoke is a funny-looking vegetable. But, as you often find in nature, sometimes, the weirdest-looking plants are the ones with the greatest benefits. That's certainly the case with artichokes. This vegetable has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any vegetable. There are other artichoke benefits as well, and some of those benefits can be enhanced by taking artichoke supplements instead of just relying on the vegetable itself, and having to invent new ways to incorporate it into your diet so that you don't get sick of eating it. You can benefit from artichokes without having to cook them.

One of the most common artichoke benefits is its ability to soothe digestive troubles. It's been used for centuries to aid digestion, to strengthen liver and bladder function, and even to balance out the levels of HDL/LDL cholesterol. The artichoke might not look like much, but it certainly is a powerful player in the vegetable world. It's a shock to many people to discover that taking artichoke supplements can improve their cholesterol levels and, as a result, take the benefits of artichokes from the digestive system right into the circulatory system, where lowered cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease.

It's not only used to help with serious conditions like heart disease and high cholesterol, but also more run-of-the-mill digestive problems as well. Taking artichoke extract can help to improve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It contains the bioactive agents, apigenin and luteolin, which can enhance the growth and health of your gut flora. That alone can help to improve your digestive problems. It's incredible to hear that one of the artichoke benefits is that it can actually function as a probiotic. It doesn't contain any live cultures, but it certainly encourages the growth of "good" bacteria in your digestive tract.

Some people like the taste of artichoke, and some people don't. But whether you do or don't, it can still be difficult to find a way to work artichokes into your diet every day. But this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy artichoke benefits. That's where the existence of artichoke supplements and extracts can really come in handy. Instead of having to invent creative ways to sneak artichoke into your everyday meals, you can just take a simple pill and be done with it. That's the easy way to benefit from this funny-looking vegetable.